Senin, 20 Desember 2010

Aditya Nugroho ingin menceritakan siapa dirinya

Aditya Nugroho is a fourth year student at the Institut Teknologi Bandung majoring in Geodetic and Geomathic Engineer. He has learned many things about mapping and positioning. Being active in many kinds of organizations since middle school such as journalism, art, and any outdoor activity,  has made him used on team works, but did not make him abandoned him studies. He has also won in some drawing and designing contests. For now, he is active in a student union IMG (Ikatan Mahasiswa Geodesi-ITB) as member from Geographic Information System division and as a division chief of any IMG events. He continually seeks opportunities which enable him to utilize his skills and broaden his knowledge academically and otherwise. He enjoys his spare time by cycling and any outdoor activity.

saya tidak memaksa anda untuk percaya sepenuhnya lho haha

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